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INTERNATIONAL STUDENT EXCHANGE 2020: foreign students at the International Business and Business Administration Department (FMBDA), IBS-Moscow, share their study in Moscow experience at the times of the coronavirus pandemic


Normal international exchange has turned into an extraordinary adventure for incoming international students who arrived at Moscow to study in the spring semester.

At the end of March, same as many Russian outgoing exchange students, incoming international students had to return to their homes in France and Germany. Some of them however chose to stay on the Moscow campus and continue their study at IBS-Moscow online together with the domestic students.

Katharina LAU, 3-d year Bachelor in Management Program, FMBDA, exchange program with Hochschule Pforzheim University, Germany                 

At IBS RANEPA you consolidate your knowledge with weekly homework, which first sounded like a lot of work to me, as I wasn’t used to it. But as the semester progressed further, I really started to understand the value of this system. With lots of essays, home tasks and presentations you really work with your gained knowledge and get a feeling for the practical application of it.

As unfortunately we had to leave Russia after just seven weeks at IBS RANEPA due to the global pandemic, I was really sad. Also, I started to get concerned about the ending of the semester and my credits I needed to gain. Luckily, IBS RANEPA managed to adapt really fast to the situation and immediately organized all courses online without any problems to continue our studies. For some courses I didn’t even get to meet the teachers in person, but nevertheless it didn’t feel impersonal.
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Athena CLUZEL, 3-d year Bachelor in Management Program, FMBDA, exchange program with IAE AIX-MARSEILLE, France                

Concerning the face to face class running, I like it. The contents were interesting, assignment clear and goal well defined by the teachers. The class environment was caring and open, with exchanges. But maybe sometimes a little be too theoretical but on the whole it was ok. It depends of course on the teacher and his way of teaching.  Concerning home study, I find that the university has well adapted to the unpredictable crisis and quickly. The new study format was implemented fast and the explanation according to the utilization of it was clear and easy. So, well done, as I know in my home country and university, they take more time to implement it.
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Markus STAHLDECKER, 3-d year Bachelor in Management Program, FMBDA, exchange program with Hochschule Pforzheim University             

The fast change to online classes worked very well, it worked better than in many universities in Germany. The only thing that would have helped are pre-recorded courses. They help you to attend courses if you have two courses at the same time or if you want to sleep a little longer. I understand that this doesn’t work if we need to do presentations and in some courses there is a lot of communication. It would also help to record the courses and upload them to the LMS-system afterwards, so we can look at the course again in case we did not understand everything.

All in all, I enjoyed my trip to Moscow and I am happy that I did not have any big problems. I am thankful that I could meet a lot of nice people and that I could attend such a good university.
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Alix ESTEVE, Master in International Management Program FMBDA, exchange program with ESG Rennes, France                                        

This experience is unique and made me grow up, on many levels. I got to know more about Russian culture. I had to face different weather and especially a different winter. But I got lucky because this winter wasn’t that cold but the darkness and the few hours of sun can something but hard. I definitely recommend people to visit Russia or to come to Russia to study.
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Laura SCHENGEL, 3-d year Bachelor in Management Program, FMBDA, exchange program with Hochschule Pforzheim University, Germany                 

This semester was an unusual one. Due to the corona virus, we needed to leave Russia earlier than planned, and were only able to stay in Russia for two months. These two months I really enjoyed – the internationality (especially in the dormitory), getting to know the Russian culture a little bit better, its customs and traditions, the Russian language, beautiful Moscow and its sightseeing, and so much more.

However, at home we were still able to attend classes, as all the classes were rapidly organized in an online format. Even though the situation and the new format was new for everyone, the organization was really good and besides some minor technical problems, like connection issues or some issues with the software, everything went well. Even though we are not able to go back to Russia yet, we still plan to come back to travel. This semester was an unusual, but an adventurous and exciting one, we really liked it to be at IBS RANEPA.
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Rija ANDRINIAINA, 3-d year Bachelor in Management Program, FMBDA, exchange program with IGS ESAM, Lyon, France                                             

The courses were all interesting and we learned a lot on different subject in each courses. The teachers illustrated real cases when explaining the course and talked about their experiences, so the different courses were not just pure theory. Face to face classes were good but some overlapping in the schedule was an issue as I had to choose which course to go but it wasn’t a big problem in the end. Online classes were a first experience for me but I think they are not as efficient and interactive as a face to face classes. Concerning my stay in Moscow, it was pleasant, I made some friends.
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Quentin BENOIT, France, Master in International Management Program, FMBDA, Dual degree program of International Business Scholl Alliance(IBSA)

I am thankful to IBS RANEPA’s staff because the situation was unpredictable, many other greats Moscow universities closed their hostels and it is a real sanitary challenge here for the people in charge. Even if I look forward to the end of the epidemic, courses here continue online. I now start to write my master’s thesis and look for jobs and opportunities here.
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