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With borders locked up IBS-Moscow welcomes new international students


During the summer admission period the Department of International Business and Business Administration of the Institute of Business Studies Moscow (FMBDA IBS-Moscow) welcomed more than 40 applications to study in IBS-Moscow degree and exchange programs in 2020-2021 academic year.

To accept a distance-learning format in Russia was not an easy decision for international students who «arrived» from France, Germany, India, USA and Sweden. Thus, international students «have set» high quality requirements for IBS-Moscow teachers and employees to adapt online classes to the standards of the face-to-face formats.

The official orientation meeting with foreign bachelors was held on September the 1-st.  Venezia CARRARA (University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld, Germany) and Jessica GRUNWALD (Burgundy School of Business, Dijon, France), undergraduate students, "have come" to study in the 3-d year Bachelor in International Management program. Evgenia PASHKEVICH, Associate Dean, International and Accreditations, and Director of International Programs of IBS-Moscow, highlighted in her opening address: “It is remarkable to note that among international students who accepted studying online, there were students from the oldest partner-universities, with which IBS-Moscow has cooperated since the mid-90s".

Olga KORYAGINA, Head of the International Students and Staff support Unit of the International Development Department RANEPA addressed the students with a welcome speech. Gabriella TSACHEVA, the 3-d year student of FMBDA introduced Russian buddies and gave a talk with the focus on Moscow - campus student life and how to use IBS-Moscow Learning Management System.

For international students from the Master in International Management Program (MIM Program) a new student orientation class was held on the10th of September.

The first year of the MIM program course was joined by Himanshu and Hitesh DABI, Mohammed SHAIKH and Amrita CHOUDHARY (India), Thomas HALLING (France), Simon OLSSON (Sweden), and Thomason REYNOLDS (USA), a double degree student of International School Alliance (IBSA) program. 

Maria BERNSTEIN, Director of the Master in International Management program, welcomed students and anchored an online meeting.  Vlad GORBUNOV, a first-year Master program student and a graduate of the Bachelor in International Management program 2020, shared his first-hand information about IBS-Moscow student life and events carried out on the Moscow campus. He also introduced student groups and initiatives on social networks, informed on meetings, student projects, initiatives held on the international campus and other events initiated by the Student Council of IBS-Moscow and RANEPA. International students warmly welcomed their Russian buddy and classmate, and were enthusiastically inspired by the suggested challenges.

Zemfira Galimullina, the International programs coordinator for IBS-Moscow, gave an introduction into the history of the Academy, IBS-Moscow and the Moscow campus, touched upon administrative and migration requirements, the intricacies in addressing academic integration issues, the specificity of the training procedure, talked on the academic curriculum of the program. In order to enable international students to feel IBS-Moscow international environment and international spirit of the campus, to be acquainted with the leaders of RANEPA, IBS-Moscow, academic and social programs, to see Moscow from a bird's eye view sight, to see the endless and picturesque landscapes of Russia, the students were also shown video materials.

We wish all our international students success in their studies and look forward to the borders opening as soon as possible!

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