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Институт бизнеса и делового администрирования Российской Академии народного хозяйства и государственной службы при Президенте РФ

Institute of
Business Studies

Education for successful managers

Louis Pirlot, Master Program

ICHEC Business School , Brussels, Belgium

Master Program
September- January
2018 - 2019 Academic year

How comfortably is to be an international student in IBS – Moscow:

I was very surprised by the warm welcome Russian students gave us. I think we all felt very integrated, and personally never did one group work without at least 2 different nationalities in the group, which was really enjoyable. It was my second time studying abroad, so I was quite prepared for this. I find pleasant to feel a bit shaken and in need to adapt to a less comfortable environment (shared room, different food, cold weather), especially since it's so gratifying to escape its comfort zone. The IBS-Moscow was of great help, both Zemfira Galimullina and Maria Bernstein, and were always available to support in case we had questions or demands.

What did you like and why:

I really enjoyed that we were very well integrated among Russian students, not only studies-wise, but in the everyday life as well. It was not rare to see Russian students joining us during parties, it was a surprise and that was great!

What courses did you like:

My favourite course was probably investors relations. It was a side of finance I had never studied, and very interesting approach to it. I enjoyed international finance and event management as well.

Which tutors you would like mention:

Mr. Pilotto will be remembered ! The warmest teacher I've ever had ! Asking for quality work, giving personalised and interesting insights and pieces of advice. 

Your general opinion about your stay in Moscow, trips around Russia and so on:

I remember that during the introduction day, the video displayed was called "surprising Russia". This sums it all up ! Even though I've barely seen any of Russia, my stay here was intense, bright and most of all: surprising. We have this common picture of Russian people that they are cold and closed. All on the contrary. Of course when having "operational" interactions with them (i.e. asking the cashier a bag or ordering a drink in a bar), there won't be much efforts made from both sides. But once we go above this operational boundary, the interaction really becomes rich and flavourful. I've travelled in several countries, and it is only here that I have felt this.

Awesome experience ! I shall encourage any student willing to discover something new to come here asap. It is no advice, it is a prescription!

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