Exchange program with Hochschule Pforzheim University, Germany

Bachelor Program
January - June
2019 - 2020 Academic year

Before coming to Moscow, I was welcomed by our coordinator Zemfira. She helped me a lot with the documents I needed to provide for the journey and always replied fast if I needed something. This didn’t change after coming to Moscow. My arrival in Moscow went good as well, my driver was already waiting for me at the airport and I came safely to the campus. It was good that I had a German speaking student waiting for me at the check-in desk. Everything worked well, we had a warm welcome. The only problem was that we had to wait long until we received the results of the medical check and that’s why we couldn’t go to the gym. Many foreign students also didn’t want to go to the gym at campus as it is very small and doesn’t have the required equipment for some exercises. Other than that, I liked the campus. The restaurants are good and we didn’t miss anything in the dormitory.

For the study I have to say that the level is below the German studies. Also, the lectures are very different, but I think it is nice to have a lot of communication with the lecturer. It helps you keeping attention to the course. The lecturers were all friendly and helped you with all your problems. Furthermore, the lecturers were all good at English, this is not self-evident as I heard from friends who did their semester abroad in other countries. The many presentations we had to do were new to me. We do presentations in Germany, but not that many. Nevertheless, I liked it in Russia as most topics were interesting and it was easier to achieve good grades. Your final grade did not solely depend on the final exam.

The study at home was hard but this was not the fault of the lecturers. The fast change to online classes worked very well, it worked better than in many universities in Germany. The only thing that would have helped are pre-recorded courses. They help you to attend courses if you have two courses at the same time or if you want to sleep a little longer. I understand that this doesn’t work if we need to do presentations and in some courses there is a lot of communication. It would also help to record the courses and upload them to the LMS-system afterwards, so we can look at the course again in case we did not understand everything.

All in all, I enjoyed my trip to Moscow and I am happy that I did not have any big problems. I am thankful that I could meet a lot of nice people and that I could attend such a good university.

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