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International students

Studying in Moscow

Moscow is central to Russia both  geographically  and historically.  Moscow is a historic town which is more than 869 years old. As the capital today, it is the center of politics and of the changes that are sweeping the country. But first of all  Moscow is the symbolic heart of  the vast land of Russia. Studying in Moscow offers students the fascinating opportunity to see both the effects of the past and the promise of the future.

Each year  Moscow welcomes talented students, at both undergraduate and graduate level, from all over the globe.  Studying in such a global city as Moscow has many advantages. You’ll establish an international network of friends and enjoy an exciting social life.

Student life in Moscow will certainly bring unforgettable impressions.  The city offers a staggering selection of sights and experiences, from bohemian and underground cafes and  night-clubs to the finest restaurants, opera and ballet  theaters,  historic palaces and cathedrals.

The amazing history of the city can be seen in such places as the Kremlin, which features monuments from the different ruling powers over the ages. The city is famous for their selection of museums, theaters, public libraries, and concert halls. Wonderful art museums are spread throughout the city such as the Tretayakov Gallery, which houses the world's best collection of Russian icons and an impressive collection of pre-revolutionary Russian art.

Studying at IBS RANEPA

Traditionally Russia's universities have been providing an academic home for thousands of  international students  from around the world for nearly 60 years.

IBS welcomes international students both at its degree programs and on the exchange basis.  The geographic scope of the incoming international students is constantly increasing.  We have now educated students not only from almost all European countries and the USA, but also from Columbia, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, India, Nigeria, Namibia, Tunisia, Syria, Iraq and Turkey.

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