BSIEM – Business and Social Impact in Emerging markets


The project is meant to:

  • create unique learning experiences in different contexts and countries (Brazil, Colombia, India, Russia, Mexico),
  • acquaint  students with a variety of situations, problems and opportunities,
  • lead them to transform social issues into successful business models,
  • build awareness and new prospective among business school students to enable  them to do business pursuing integral wellness in the communities.

Groups, consisting of international students, will be visiting five countries. The program is tuition-free. Participants do not have to visit all four countries, they can choose any country/countries  they want. In 2022-2023 academic year the project is implemented online in virtual groups.

News - Mexican Module 2023

Mexico Agenda

News - Indian Module 2023

India Agenda

News - Colombian Module 2022

Colombian Agenda (November 2022)

Module in Russia 2022, September 2022:

Brazil Agenda (June 2022)

News - Mexican Module 2022

Mexico Agenda (May 2022)

News - Indian Module 2022

India Agenda

Colombian Module 2021 (from 22nd to 26th November):

Module in Russia 2021, September-October 2021:

News - Module in Russia October 2021

News - Module in Brazil in June 2021 (AGENDA BRAZIL)

News - Module in Mexico in April 2021

News - Module in India February 2021

Module in Russia 2020, September-October 2020:

Module in Brazil 2020, October 2020:

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