The conference was opened by the acting RANEPA Rector Alexei Komissarov and RANEPA Vice-Rector and Director of the IBS Sergey Myasoedov.

Speakers from 10 countries -  Russia, USA, China, UAE, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Serbia, India, Iran, Morocco and South Africa -  presented their view on current issues. The conference we centered around four panel discussions "Interaction between business and the state: the best world experience and effective solutions", "Integration of ESG in management education: a holistic approach", "Breakthrough technologies - new opportunities for business education", "Leadership: a variety of models in chaos".

Executive MBA director and one of the organizers of the conference Prof. Ashot G. Seferyan commented on the need for such conferences today:

"Any conference, especially an international one, is valuable because people from different countries, regions, cultures, different experiences bring new topics, fresh ideas. They exchange thoughts and discuss them. Any conference is primarily built on the fact that you have the opportunity to get new interesting knowledge, information first-hand, ask representatives of a particular country, a particular business school about how they see development in future, how they see the current situation, what they consider important or significant for business education, for company leaders".

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