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Feedback on the exchange program at the Hochschule Pforzheim


I am a senior student of International Relations at Institute of Business Studies. Last summer semester I was lucky to spend four months abroad in the south-west of Germany, Pforzheim. Despite the small size of the city, it was comfortable for everything including transportation, communication with other students and convenience in general.

Hochschule Pforzheim is a top-ranked AACSB-accredited university; therefore, the level of education was on point. I could choose any subjects I wanted in the Business sphere, both in English and German. As a result, I had eight subjects from Sustainable Development to Challenges and Perspectives of European Integration. Studying process in Germany differs a lot from what we are used to. During the semester not many tasks are given and no attention is taken to our attendance. In return, we spent days and nights preparing for exams, which was not an easy path. Nevertheless, I succeeded. The educational approach in principle is very practice-oriented which includes numerous case studies and up-to-date contexts discussion. Professors are very open to students even after classes and are always ready to help even if it is not connected to the current subject.

Obviously, this experience was not only about studying. Taking into account central position of Germany, we had a perfect opportunity to travel and used it to the fullest. Above all, now I have amazing people by my side from more than 20 countries! This adventure helps you to understand how unique and interesting people can be no matter what race, religion or nationality they are. It was indeed an inspiring semester with unforgettable impressions!

Special thanks goes to the Institute of Business Studies for given opportunity.

Abramenko Maria, 4th IBS IR

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