08 December 2022 the Head of the Division for Sustainable Development of the Department of Ecology and Technological Safety of “Russian Railways”, Natalya Kartasheva, told about the practice of implementing projects aimed at achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals to the students of the 3rd year the bachelor's program "International Management" FMBDA, IBS within the course "Corporate Social Responsibility" delivered by Natalia Yankovskaya.

The students learned with interest about the activities of the Company regarding sustainable development, which, despite the sanctions, the demanding turn to the East and import substitution, has not suspended any project aimed at achieving the SDGs.

The strategic priority of “Russian Railways” in the field of sustainable development is the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (13 goals out of 17). The UN Sustainable Development Goals are aimed at taking measures to ensure the optimal use of limited resources and the use of nature-, energy- and material-saving technologies, maintaining the stability of social and cultural systems, and the integrity of biological and physical natural systems. The commitment of “Russian Railways” to the UN Sustainable Development Goals is revealed in terms of economic sustainability, environmental safety and social stability.

Natalya Kartasheva: “The Company has an eco-strategy implementation plan, an integral part of which is the transition to low-carbon energy sources. Educational work is being carried out, projects on environmental education and the formation of eco-culture have been developed and are being implemented.”

“Russian Railways” supports the principles of the UN Global Compact, the largest international initiative in the field of corporate social responsibility. The company is a member of the National Network of Participants of the Global Compact for the Implementation of Responsible Business Principles in Business Practice.

The company follows the principles of responsible business practices of the Social Charter of Russian Business of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. When implementing the policy in the field of corporate social responsibility, the Company complies with the requirements of international acts, regulations of the federal and regional legislation of the Russian Federation as well as local regulations.

The concept of financing sustainable development projects of “Russian Railways” defines the categories of green projects for which funds from the placement of green bonds can be directed. Such projects include the purchase of electric locomotives, rolling stock for passenger transportation and the construction of electrified railway lines.

“Russian Railways” is the market leader in rail freight transportation segments, ranking first in the world in terms of energy efficiency of freight transportation. Together with its subsidiaries, it is one of the largest freights rolling stock operators with more than 145,000 railcars.

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