In 2019 and 2020, a number of IBS staff and teachers completed the training and received carbon literacy certificates. In the fall semester 2020, individual training sections were included in the module on CSR and sustainable development. And in the spring semester 2021 the training was incorporated in the course “CSR and sustainable development” delivered by prof. Natalia Yankovskaya, who participated in the Carbon Literacy Project and was certified as Carbon Literate by the Nottingham Business School with the right to teach Carbone Literacy Training.

On the training completion and successful submission of PRME CLT Engagement Evidence Form to Cooler Projects students are granted certificates.

Climate Emergency is one of the most pressing issues of the present time. However, the general public including students and staff at business schools have limited understanding of climate change mitigation, and how this could be integrated into teaching and research in business schoolы. The Carbon Literacy Training for Business Schools (CLT4BS) address this problem by accelerating understanding across institutions using a ‘train the trainer’ approach and providing high impact climate solutions, that everyone can implement in daily life and work. The training was developed by the Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University, UK in collaboration with the PRME Champions, the PRME Working Group on Climate Change, Oikos International, and the  Carbon Literacy Project. It also includes an introduction to En-ROADS developed by Climate Interactive in collaboration with MIT Sloan and Ventana Systems. 

The United Nations have recognized the Carbon Literacy Project as one of 100 worldwide Transformative Action Programs.

Participants gain an understanding of:

  • the science behind climate change;
  • social equity & climate change;
  • what you can do to act on climate change in your personal and professional life.

Carbon Literate citizens understand how climate change will affect them – both geographically and sectorally and have acquired the knowledge and skills to mitigate their carbon footprint, with typically realised carbon savings of 5-15% per person.

Students feedback “Carbon Literacy Training as part of the CSR course proved to be a particularly acute and enlightening insight into the quite trivial yet crucial aspect - carbon footprint. Through illustrative examples, interactive forms of learning and personal enthusiasm and commitment of Professor Natalya Yankovskaya the lecture left the us both impressed and determined to reduce our own carbon footprint.

Especially engaging was the use of certain apps and programs, such as Carbon Footprint Calculator. The incorporation of such interactive experience in the course inarguably boosted our motivation and satisfaction with the subject. Besides, a number of examples of exiting IBS-Moscow facilities and practices aimed at environmental protection were brought up by the professor, resulting in our awareness raise.”

3d year bachelor students of the International Relations Department, the IBS-Moscow Aleksandr Tumanov, Anastasia Klimova, Anastasia Korotchenko, Anastasia Savchinskaya, Andrey Shalnev, Anton Vetrov, Bogdan Ramoshka, David Maksadov, Ekaterina Filimonova, Evgeniia Kuvshinova, German Pakhunov, Irma Bolotaeva, Lana Injgia, Maria Baranova, Maria Yakovenko, Nikita Anisimov, Polina Lee, Radmila Munavarova, Regina Sagitova, Rudolph Ovsepyan, Tatiana Kaverina, Valeria Smirnova, Victoria Erokhina



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