As part of the cooperation agreement between IBS RANEPA and ROSIZO*, our students
joined in solving urgent problems of the museum community in Russia. This time the
task was to analyze and find solutions to the problem of decreasing interest for museums
among younger audiences. On May 26, in New Jerusalem, as part of the strategic session
“A Unified Model for Museum Promotion”, organized by ROSIZO together with the
Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, our students spoke to representatives of
more than 50 regional museums from all over Russia. The students did not just present
their vision, they conducted professional research, selected cases, proposed their own
methodology, analyzed the current situation and made many recommendations for
historical museums, museums of architecture and art, and religious museums.

* ROSIZO is a multidisciplinary organization that develops and implements exhibition
projects in partnership with the world's leading museums and cultural institutions. One of
the main tasks of ROSIZO is to popularize the artistic heritage of Russia and modern
Russian art.

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