The on-line master class on “Corporate Social Responsibility: Global Trends and Russian Specific”, delivered by Natalia Yankovskaya, was organized in partnership with the Woxsen University, India.

There was a brief overview on CSR global trends and its specific in Russia. CSR is a concept that has redefined the purpose of corporations away from maximizing shareholder value to promoting an economy that serves all stakeholders, which include customers employees, suppliers, communities and shareholders. This change has signalized corporate social responsibility and sustainability are no longer just progressive perspectives on how to run a business, but central and powerful business tenants. What exactly are the corporate social responsibility and sustainability? Why are more and more firms including both big and small ones starting to practice social responsibility and sustainability? These questions were considered during the master class.

The participants had a chance to look at corporate social responsibility and sustainability globally, discussed the major benefits for firms to practice CSR and sustainability. In today's business world a commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainability is no longer optional. Companies need to understand that CSR and sustainability affect their both internal and external growth. By creating and participating in CSR and sustainability initiatives companies have the opportunity to showcase their core values and create trust among their investors, employees, customers and other stakeholders.

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