Business with Social Impact in Emerging Markets is an international project initiated within the UN PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) and realized by the Institute of Business Studies RANEPA in partnership with the Universidad de Colombia School of Management, ISAE – Brazilian Business School, SPJIMR-Bharatiya Vidaya Bhavan (India) and University of Monterrey (Mexico).  

The first module 2021 is organized by the SPJIMR-Bharatiya Vidaya Bhavan (India). It is devoted to Social Entrepreneurship.

The Program on Social Entrepreneurship helps

  • develop Knowledge, Skill, and Attitude (KSA) for initiating a business model with social good
  • provide different aspects & demonstrate various innovative and Social Business Models


  • Enhance awareness about vision / mindset of social entrepreneurs Globally and in India to understand various Social venture business models
  • Increase awareness on India’s Socio-political-economic situation (societal issues and possible change in the society through social enterprises)
  • Learning opportunity through academic inputs and talks by practitioners


Session 1: Socio-Eco and Political Background and the Need for Social Enterprise

  • India’s Socio-economic political background, Need for social Enterprise for societal change
  • Indian Perspective on Significance of social enterprise in EM especially post-pandemic

Session 2: Livelihood as a Social Enterprise for Women Development

  • Enhancing livelihood for tribal women in India
  • Health, Sanitation and livelihood with Gender lens

Session 3: Social Enterprise to Impact Climate Change

  • Definition of scaling up in social enterprise (Climate Change)
  • Integrating Climate change action into the Education curriculum

 Session 4: Education for Social Change 

  • Volunteerism in the education system as a sustainable model
  • Community Mental health during COVID-19

The participants have a unique opportunity to interact in multinational groups sharing the experience on dealing with social problems in the emerging economies. This module is focused on the specific of India.

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