On March 05, Elena Feoktistova, Managing Director for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sustainable Development and Social Entrepreneurship of the RSPP, shared her experience in implementing successful projects with the 3rd year undergraduate students in "International Relations" as a part of the course "Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development" delivered by Natalia Yankovskaya.

“The term CSR is usually associated with the activities of international corporations. But experience shows that Russian business leaders consider CSR to be an essential part of business strategy development, and their practice not only corresponds to the world, but sometimes even surpasses it." This is how our students have got acquainted with the real practice of CSR in Russia.

RSPP priorities include promotion of the business community interests in Russian and at the international level and consolidation of Russian industrialists and entrepreneurs` efforts for business environment development; enhancing the status of business in Russia and the world; maintaining the balance of interests of the society, government and business.

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