For better understanding the UN SDGs 2030 implementation in Russia the 3-d year IBS Bachelor students of Management and Business Administration Department have developed the group research projects within the course of CSR and Sustainable Development, delivered by Natalia Yankovskaya. The projects have been aimed at the cases of successful business innovations that address social and environmental issues.

The students have developed the questionnaire and run the interviews with the companies’ managers using “Appreciative Inquiry” methodology. As a result, three projects have been published at the Aim2Flourish.com after the external expert review:

This experiential learning helped the students understand how the UN 17 SDGs are implemented in business.

The Aim2Flourish, officially supported by the UN PRME Global Compact, is an interactive interface sharing best practices of sustainable business innovations meant to inspire future leaders to run business with care for the planet and people.

The students have appreciated the experiential learning and the experience of preparing the projects for the Aim2Flourish.

"First of all, I would like to write a few words about the experiential learning process. For me, the whole course was very captivating and acknowledging. The classes were rather interactive and consisted of different topics, presentations and video materials. We even had the chance to meet with the Sustainable Development Director of Ikea! Furthermore, the conduction of the interview was very useful and especially because I had the chance to discuss crucial topics with the Director of Development of Niskom - Emil Martirosyan. Moreover, the process of editing the story was rather educational and helped me to improve my skills and the ability to find the key ideas of a particular text. The website Aim2Flourish is a quite interesting platform, where I was able to look through different innovative business ideas, as well as publish our own story".

Gabriela Tsacheva

"I found the course inspiring and useful. I learned about the challenges modern world is facing nowadays, and how various organizations take actions to contribute to eliminating negative effects of human activities. It was a new experience for us to prepare and run the interview with the representatives of a corporate social responsibility department of a real company (Coca-Cola HBC Russia), we managed to practice our communication, analytical and team-work skills. Now I know that more and more of emerging and existing commercial companies do not place generation of profit as the only goal they pursue, but they are also stakeholders that try to deliver societal and environmental benefits and embed socially-responsible approaches in their daily operations. And it was wonderful to understand that such companies as IKEA and Coca-Cola are very open to allocate some time to tell about their activities to students, it also defines their values".

Veronika Aba

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