The Head of the Sustainable Development Department of “MAGNIT” retailer, Nadezhda Galaktionova, shared their best practices on social inclusion with the 1st year students of the International Management Master degree program within the course “CSR and Sustainable Development” delivered by Natalia Yankovskaya.

It has been interesting for the students to learn about the sustainable development strategy of “MAGNIT” retailer, that comprises such issues as ecology, “green” supply chain, personnel involvement, local communities as well as health and wellbeing.

In the presentation Nadezhda highlighted the community programs in the regions, where the company operates. They focus on equal access and opportunities to buy quality and affordable products, contribute to health and wellbeing of the consumers, create workplaces and support local producers.

The new focus is on inclusive environment. It has been incorporated into the company corporate culture. Examples are social training, adaptation to the working environment of children from orphanages and children with disabilities, as well as cooperation with specialized NGOs and foundations.

Expanding the geography of its presence, “MAGNIT” strives to contribute to the development and promote positive social changes in local communities.

“MAGNIT” is one of the leading food retail chains in Russia, the leader in terms of the number of stores and the geography of their location. The company operates in about 4,000 locations, and almost 16 million people visit the company's stores every day. “MAGNIT” operates in a multi-format model that includes convenience stores, supermarkets, pharmacies and drogerie stores. Dated back on 30th June 2022, the company had 26,731 outlets in 67 regions of Russia. More than 63 million people are members of the network's cross-format loyalty program.

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