To become part of the School, the participants prepared motivational letters, where they described in detail their interest in international law, politics and sustainable development. For a week, the guys got acquainted with the life of the Academy, as well as, under the guidance of experts from the Faculty of International Relations of the IBS RANEPA, with the basics of the profession of international affairs.

Nadezhda Galaktionova, Head of the Sustainable Development Department of the Magnit retail chain, told the program participants about the company's inclusive social projects. The development of an inclusive environment and contribution to building an inclusive society has become a new focus of the company's social initiatives. Within the framework of this program, an inclusive environment is supported within the corporate culture, the creation of an inclusive environment in the retail facilities of the network (the formation of an accessible environment, training employees in communication skills with people with disabilities), socializing education and adaptation to the working environment of orphanages and children with disabilities, as well as cooperation with specialized NGOs and foundations. The School participants were able to offer their initiatives for the development of this area of ​​the company's activity!

In mastering the program, the teachers of the Business Communication Department and English Language of the IBDA helped the participants to master their presentation skills in English, and also spoke about the importance of social responsibility of business.

The result of the School was the defense of projects dedicated to the practice of social responsibility of Russian companies. The guys received feedback from experts, the opportunity to ask questions about admission, as well as nominal certificates of participation!

After defending their projects, the guys shared their impressions:

Ekaterina Konicheva, Veliky Novgorod: I have never regretted my participation in the School of International Affairs. This is an experience. This is an opportunity not only to get acquainted with the university itself, but also to participate in what you like. These are the first steps for development in the area that is interesting. I am very fond of international relations, so participating in the School of International Affairs was a big step for me, which I am proud of. I would like to note the lectures and teachers. Each of them is unique and professional, conveys information in an accessible and understandable way. It was really a dialogue in which both sides participate. I am extremely grateful that this opportunity exists. I fell in love with RANEPA, I really want to enter here next year!

Anastasia Alekseeva, Moscow: We really, really liked it! As for me, the School of International Affairs gave me a lot of useful knowledge and skills this week. The teachers and tutors were very understanding. We quickly rallied, made a project, won it! Which made us very happy!

Elizaveta Stroeva, Moscow: When they wrote to me that I had passed the selection, it was very pleasant! And when I saw that the subjects were in English, I was even a little scared. Because there is always a language barrier to overcome. New strangers are always very exciting. But when I arrived everything was different, everyone was very friendly. I really liked that we actually spoke English. And to be honest, I was able to overcome my language barrier in five days of training!

Tatyana Voina, Luga, Leningrad region: I came here specifically to study at the School of International Relations, because I wanted to try myself in this area. Then I plan to enter the RANEPA. I learned from my mother, she offered to participate, I wrote an essay. And after a while, a call came in, they said that I had passed the selection, and they asked if I would go? And of course I agreed! Here we are with my mother. It was easy for me to find a common language with the guys, but it was difficult to get involved in the work, because everything was in English, and our school is not specialized in a foreign language. I decided to try and test myself. And it turned out to be a very cool experience!

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