On February 24, 2022, the Russian Business Guide (RBG) magazine, with the support of the RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry, held a round table discussion on the topic "Leadership and Culture for ESG Transformation".

The RBG is published in two languages, Russian and English, so that through the system of Business councils and foreign chambers of commerce to initiate a professional dialogue between businesses from different countries. The magazine forms this dialogue through publications, discussion platforms, forums and business missions. The RBG is a reputable platform for fostering business communication and building new connections.

The participants were representatives of governmental departments, business education, top managers of large Russian companies and financial institutions, leading experts of the green agenda, analysts interested in promoting and implementing the ESG agenda.

They discussed such issues as how new tactics, financial products and services were being formed, corporate social responsibility and charitable business operation. How social and environmental projects were embedded in the ESG concept, which carries a systematic approach and goal setting for the SDGs implementation to benefit the life on the planet.

Natalia Yankovskaya, representative of the IBS, highlighted the role of business education in ESG transformation as it forms skills for sustainable leadership and sustainable mindset. “It’s important for business education and business be working together on ESG transformation. More and more people understand social impact of business and view business as is a means of addressing a wider set of social concerns, such as labour standards, human rights and even climate change.”

The speakers argued that the transformation has fundamentally affected the economic map of the world and has already made adjustments to the local discourse and practice.

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