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The students of International Relations Department IBS RANEPA share their impressions on the exchange program at Montpellier Business School


Perspective of studying half of the year abroad on an exchange program has always been appealing to us and was one of the main reasons we’ve made a decision to enter IBS RANEPA. After two and half years we finally faced this once-in-a lifetime opportunity and for sure, decided to experience it.

After a precise research on our exchange partner universities our choice fell on Montpellier Business School, situated in one of the most desired and beautiful regions of the country – South of France.  The first reason of our choice was, of course, the fact that this school is considered to be of the oldest and most prestigious business schools in France (it was found in 1897). The second reason was the city itself. All we heard about Montpellier was overwhelmingly positive. It is known as one of the most popular student cities not only in South of the country, but in France in general. We’ve been very lucky to have met a lot of wonderful people from around the world, who managed in such short time become some kind of a family for us. Other great point about the city is an opportunity to travel a lot. Within a few hours, which we usually waste in Moscow’s traffic jams; here we spend on travelling around France and other countries close to us.

Taking into account the studying process it must be noted that we’ve faced a few total differences. First of all, at MBS we are able to choose only the subjects, which we consider useful for us. This helps to build up your very own schedule, which is very helpful, especially when there’s always a temping possibility to travel. Secondly, here we are obliged to take the French language courses, which I find truly excellent. Our French courses have started before our official studies and our professors have become our first mentors at some point. For example, even though I was starting to learn French from very scratch, the teachers made me and other students feel as comfortable as possible.

During the studies, most of the time we spend working in various groups with people of different cultures and languages, which I think is one of the most wonderful chances to see various cases and its solutions from a whole new perspective. At MBS, we are taking International Business Administration course.  Our teaching stuff consists of mostly businessmen and women practicing in diversified business spheres. This allows us to be taught not only theory, but to learn from the real people’s experiences in different spheres. Thanks to a lot of discussions, case studies and group projects we are acquire new knowledge, which is very valuable for any business student.

We are very thankful to the IBS RANEPA for the given opportunity, and we are sure that we will come back from Montpellier full of new ideas, strengths and inspiration to archive great goals. 

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