Exchange program with ESG Rennes, France

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Exchange program with ESG Rennes, France

Master Program in International Management
September - June
2019 - 2020 Academic year

I was really excited to arrive in Moscow. The first few weeks were great as I arrived 2 weeks before the begging of the semester so I had plenty of time to discover the city. I went at first for the most obvious places like the Red Square, the Bolshoi Theater.

We are group of foreign students and guided by some of our buddies, we discovered Moscow under a bright sun.

Some of the highlights of my stay were the travels. We went by train to discover Nijni Novgorod, Kazan, Soudzal, Yaroslavl and Saint Petersburg.

Those trips allowed me to see different landscapes which make Russia a multicultural country.

Taking the train in Russia was itself a great experience and we took mainly sleeping trains because they are less expensive and it was for me the best moments in Russia. I spent great times in those trains: trying to make your bed in really tiny space, playing cards with your friends and talk with them until late hours.

In Moscow itself there are so many activities to do, restaurants with food which we don’t have in France (Georgian food is the best), bars and cafes, huge parks! The point is that you cannot be bored in Moscow (except when it’s quarantine and you can only exit the campus to go grocery shopping as we are living now March/May 2020).

The point that were harder to get used to it was for me to share a room with a stranger but on another hand the international atmosphere in the dormitory and discovering new culture and making new friends!

This experience is unique and made me grow up, on many levels. I got to know more about Russian culture. I had to face different weather and especially a different winter. But I got lucky because this winter wasn’t that cold but the darkness and the few hours of sun can something but hard. I definitely recommend people to visit Russia or to come to Russia to study.

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