Burgundy School of Business, Dijon, France

Bachelor Program
September - January
2019 - 2020 Academic year


We had an excellent administrative support given by MS Zemfira who helped us a lot: an explain how is working the Russian administration and helped me to find my luggage. Being an international student in Moscow is great. Studying outside my home country was really an impactful experience. I met a lot of people and learned more about myself. It was interesting to see a different academic process which is qualitative. I really like Russian food, buildings and monuments, museums, exhibitions, Moscow, Vladimir, Suzdal, Sergeï Posad and Kazan. Because I love to discover new cultures. The courses I enjoy the most is Russian language. The people were sympathetic and nice. I want to thank again MS Zemfira, for all the work she did to help during this semester. I plan to use what I learned during this semester in my professional project and during my master. Moscow is a beautiful city, living in it was marvelous. I made three trips outside of Moscow which will stay in my memory.


I did not saw any stereotypes in Moscow about the city or Russian people. My favorite travel experience and is the week-end I travelled with friends in Vladimir and Suzdal. The place I enjoyed the most visiting is the kremlin in Kazan with its church and mosque. The museum of European art. VDNKh is an amazing totally worthy to visit at any season (in winter with its enormous ice rink) and in summer under a beautiful weather. The most interesting thing about Russian culture in learned is how their language is construct. I learned that France and Russian share similar value in their culture and traditions.

I normally live in a country as big as this university so for me the distances were the first challenge here nevertheless I enjoyed Moscow a lot. It is a city which can literally offer anything if you know where to go. Amazing restaurants, breathtaking rooftops and best clubs, from the underground ones to the fanciest.

Do not be concerned with the weather it is not as bad as you may think, in May I am already tanned so the sun exists even in Russia.

During the stay, you will have local holidays, a way to travel and discover the country; I personally recommend the historical city of St Petersburg and the savage trip to the lake Baikal. I am ultimately so proud of my choice, in these months I have made great connections, which I will bring with me for the rest of the life.

I look forward to hear your experience as well.

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