Institute of Business Management (IoBM), Karachi, Pakistan 

Bachelor Program
September - January
2019 - 2020 Academic year

At first I was not very convinced to come to Russia for an Exchange Program as it is my first exchange program. But as my friends have been here already and they loved their stay in Moscow I thought to give it a try.

Entering Moscow as an International student came up with a rollercoaster of new learnings and experiences. The administration has been really supportive since day 1 from providing conveyance from airport to prompt email responses for any sort of queries!

Well, being an international student in IBS-Moscow felt like being in my home, yes! This is how comfortable it is to be here. And the metro system here is a life saver! As far as studies are concerned, they are very smooth and more of based on practical demonstrations rather than only theory. I thought that maybe studies here would be tougher than my own university but no, it’s not the case. I highly appreciate teachers like Professor Goldberg for Strategic Management as his lessons are very interactive and they appreciate class participation in such a way that it eventually develops your interest towards the subject.

I would really like to apply such practices in my home university, IOBM, in Pakistan. I am looking forward to do a small survey on the student life and the life after graduation in Russia!

Overall, I can say that Moscow is a great city to be in and one can learn a lot about its history and beauty during an exchange program along with their studies.

As an experienced international student in IBS- Moscow I would recommend few things to the future students:

  • Try to learn basic Russian language
  • To bring along a whole lot of warm clothes as it is extremely cold outside!
  • To make the most out of this program, make friends from different cultures, learn about them, their culture, hangout with them and trust me you will love every part of it!
  • Try to do a small survey on your personal basis to know about the student life, careers, opportunities and ICT in Russia as it is one of the fast growing countries.

I have made infinite memories; with my roommate and friends, I have travelled to almost all of the attractions in Moscow including Bolshoi Theatre, the Red Square, Business Centre, Vdenkh, Gorky Park and much more. And the best part of touristy was ice skating in an open ring in Vdenkh, it is so much fun and the park is so mesmerizingly decorated for new year and Christmas eve. Not only this, I have also been to the beautiful Venice of Russia, St. Petersburg along with a Spanish and two French friends and it is so peaceful there!

Moreover, being a passionate baker I didn’t let go this opportunity to join one the best baking schools in the world i.e. TORTIK ANNUCHKA and did a French pastries course under the guidance of French Pastry Chef Frederic Andreu.

But before coming here I heard that the Russians are very rude but oh! Yes, they do have a straight face but trust me once you talk to them; they are very sweet and helping.

Something I really love and appreciate about Russian Culture is the influential arts specially when it comes to paintings and architecture. And, the level of importance that Russians give to the Russian language is truly impressive that staying in Moscow will automatically teach you some Russian.

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