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Институт бизнеса и делового администрирования Российской Академии народного хозяйства и государственной службы при Президенте РФ

Institute of
Business Studies

Education for successful managers

Organisational Chart

IBS-Moscow is: 

4 departments, 7  chairs,  4 centers,  over 20 programs, 13 double-degree programs. IBS has over  2000 students and 200 faculty members. 

IBS Departments

IBS Departments

4 departments:

  • The Department of Strategic Management
  • The Department of International Programs
  • The Department of International Business and Business administration
  • The Department of  International  Relations

IBS chairs (teaching departments)

IBS chairs (teaching departments)

7 teaching departments:

  • The Department of Organization and Management,
  • The Department of Management Science
  • The Department of Humanities, Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • The Department of International economics and Political relations
  • The Department of European Languages
  • The Department of  Foreign Languages
  • The Department of  innovation technologies in  public administration and business

IBS centers

IBS centers

4 centers:

  • Consulting center
  • Laboratory of management technologies.
  • The center of distance-learning  programs
  • The center for accounting and auditing

Location of the IBS-Moscow:

IBS postgraduate programs are delivered at two locations:

  • Yugo-Zapadnaya  RANEPA campus in the South-Western part of Moscow (Prospect Vernadskogo 82) near Yugo-Zapadanay metro station..
  • Prechistenka 11 –  a modern teaching complex  on the bank of the Moskva-river, 10 minutes’ walk from the Kremlin, in  the Moscow Golden Mile area.  Metro station “Park Kultury”.

IBS undergraduate programs are delivered at:

  • Yugo-Zapadnaya  RANEPA campus in the South-Western part of Moscow (Prospect Vernadskogo 82) near Yugo-Zapadanay metro station. 

  • The main office

    The main office
    The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA),  Office 219, building 5, Vernadsky prospect, 82, Moscow.
    Yandex mapCampus plan
  • Academic building on Prechistenka

    Academic building on Prechistenka
    Prechistenka, 11, Moscow.
    Yandex map
 IBS-Moscow is part of RANEPA. The Infrastructure Of The Academy.
  • RANEPA buildings

    RANEPA buildings
    Study facilities are very important for ensuring effective learning and teaching. The territory of RANEPA campuses  constitutes 1 mln. square meters.
    Campus map (download)
  • Hotels


    All the necessary information about accommodation in RANEPA hotels and dormitories can be received from each faculty’s admissions committee.
    RANEPA hotels and dormitory

  • Dormitories


    The Academy has three comfortable student dormitories.

  • Cafes and canteens

    Cafes and canteens
  • Pharmacies


    The pharmacies are located on the  first floor of Building 5 and the second  floor of Building 1.  Here you can buy non-prescription  drugs, hygiene  products, herbal preparations, dietetic food and cosmetic products. 

  • Shops


    RANEPA campus has bookstores, souvenir shops, the optician’s and the baker’s.

  • Payment terminals and ATMs

    Payment terminals and ATMs

    Sberbank’s ATMs are located on the ground floors of RANEPA buildings 1, 3, 5, 6 and 8. 

  • Library

  • Gym, swimming pool

    Gym, swimming pool

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