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IBS International Office is in charge of all activities related to establishing and maintaining partner agreements with universities abroad. IBS International Office also coordinates all matters related to student and faculty exchange, dual degree programs and international student services.

Among other things, we process all applications for incoming and outgoing exchange and dual degree students, prepare and send out transcripts of academic records, provide initial advice on academic matters to incoming and outgoing students, assist incoming students with getting accommodation on campus, provide students with visa support documents and take care of registration and visa extension upon arrival.

We run a buddy program so that every incoming student has a domestic student assigned to her/him to help with practical matters during the settle-in period.

Visa information for international students

International students must have a visa for entering Russia.

You should apply for a visa at the Russian consulate with an invitation letter from the Russian Migration Agency, that will be sent to you after you have applied and have been admitted into the program. It takes the consulate approximately 10 days to issue a visa after you submit the documents to the consulate.

You will be given a single entry 90 days Russian visa. Once you have arrived and registered at IBS you will be given a multi-entry visa for the whole period of your stay in Russia.

When you are entering Russia (or when you are on the plane) you will be given an immigration card, please do not lose this document as it will be needed for registration process and for further procedures here in Russia for issuing a multiple entry student visa.

For us to issue the invitation letter (visa support) we will need a scanned copy of the first page of your passport and some additional information (please fill out the table in INFORMATION_VISA.DOC)

More information on the Russian visa can be found in the INTERNATIONAL STUDENT GUIDE


IBS provides students with accommodation on campus. The dormitory is a very short walk from classes (one minute) and is offered at a very modest price of approx. 250 euros per month. It is a shared room (2 students per room) with a common kitchen on each floor. Other services are also available (laundry etc). If you require accommodation on campus, please let us know by the 1st of June so that we can reserve a room for you.

You do not have to stay in the dormitory throughout the duration of your studies - you can stay a month while looking for a private apartment and then move out. Payment is made on a monthly basis at the dormitory reception in rubles. More information on housing in Moscow can be found in the INTERNATIONAL STUDENT GUIDE.


All international students coming to Russia for an extended period of time have to get a valid medical insurance covering outpatient care, emergency medical service and hospitalization, dentistry, medical transport repatriation, etc. The insurance policy should indicate contact details and addresses of the emergency medical treatment facilities in Moscow.

For students’ convenience, RANEPA Medical Center’s official insurance partners offer a student insurance policy, that can be purchased before arrival. This policy complies with all RANEPA coverage requirements and simplifies all the procedures that a foreign student have to undergo on arrival and/or may face during their stay in Moscow, such as: ¾ arrangement of initial and professional medical examination (on arrival to campus),search doctors and facilities to get medical care in Moscow, ¾ RANEPA’s administrative support and assistance in making appointments, translation support, etc.

RANEPA insurance is accepted by every Russian Consulate in a student’s home country when applying for a single-entry visa and is valid until the end of study in Moscow.

RANEPA works with two insurance partners: Polis-Garant and Absolute Insurance

3 months 4 400 / ≈ €48

6 months 7 400 / ≈ €81

12 months 10 400 / ≈ €114

Students do not have any obligation to purchase this insurance and they are free to purchase any insurance from any other insurance company either in Russia or in their home country. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that their insurance policy meets RANEPA requirements Please, kindly note that RANEPA Medical Center will charge students for its services (including general examination), if it is not covered by their insurance.

Students will also have to provide a scan of a health certificate from their own country, that should contain information on (either as test results or as a doctor’s report): HIV, hepatitis, tuberculosis, STD acute infectious diseases.

Evgenia Pashkevich

International Programs director IBS RANEPA

Zemfira Galimullina

International Students Manager

+7 (495) 433-56-66

Yana Zhukova

International Students Manager

+7 (499) 956-91-56

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