Skills development: 6 programs for managers

IBS offers a wide range of professional development  programs for companies’  top managers and employees.

Professional development programs are delivered by the best faculty in economics and management, well-known business consultants,  and  top managers and leading experts from  successful Russian companies. In this way, in addition to sound theoretical knowledge our students are also exposed to new ideas, that are based on the experts’ practical experience.

Skills development: 6 programs for managers

The seven programs are in  themselves  individual modules  of the MBA program, that can be taken separately and independently:  Pre-MBA,  Corporate Financial Management, Entrepreneurship and Company Management,  Marketing and Sales Management, Human Resource Management, Operations Management.

Duration: from 92 to 208 hours

Pre-МВА – a program designed for managers and professionals, who do not have a degree in economics or  management.  

Corporate Financial Management – this professional development  program is designed for directors and assistant directors of economics and finance, heads of  economic and financial department of companies as well as  employees, who want to advance in their career to executive positions. 

Entrepreneurship and Company Management – the program is designed for business owners, who are also involved in managing and controlling the business  and for top-managers and executives with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Marketing and Sales Management – this professional development  program is designed for companies’ chief executives   and commercial directors,   heads of marketing and sales departments,  these departments’  employees who want to advance in their career to executive positions.

Human Resources Management – the program is designed for general directors, directors of   human resources, head of HR departments,  these departments’  employees, who want to advance in their career to executive positions.

Operations Management – a professional development   program, aimed at   top-managers and executives, who strive to  implement innovative technologies  and   professionally manage  company operating activities. 

IBS  conducts  professional development  programs  for the managers of Coca-Cola (Moscow), DoorHan, Microsoft, Lego, Servier, Depo Computers, Ramensliy GOK,  Sibur,  Rusal and many others. 

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