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Master in International Relations and Eurasian Integration

Master in International Relations offers a multidisciplinary analysis of contemporary global relations with a particular focus on Eurasian affairs and digitalization including its impact on global leadership and significant political, social and economic trends.

Master in International Relations & Eurasian Integration is a unique combination of modules.

Taking this program students will:

  • Gain detailed knowledge of international political, economic and business issues of Eurasia in the age of digital technologies.
  • Develop critical understanding of Eurasian markets and their models.
  • Use a range of skills to design analytical models based on Big Data to measure possible problems and solutions in international relations.
  • Develop their leadership and managerial skills adjusted to the realities of the digital age;

Master in International Relations & Eurasian Integration offers a truly unique blended study mode. The blended study mode is aimed at providing each student with a tailored educational schedule enabling students to address program structure effectively.


  • Professionalism
    Our graduates are capable of setting objectives in the chosen profession and identifying and using appropriate tools for achieving them.
  • Analytical and Critical Thinking 
    Our graduates will have analytical, critical and creative thinking skills required for their professional activities.
  • Communication Skills 
    Our graduates will be able to communicate effectively in the chosen profession in an international environment.
  • Ethics and Social Responsibility 
    Our graduates will be aware of social responsibility while making management decisions in the chosen profession.
  • Global Perspective
    Our graduates will be able to develop their career in an international environment. 


41.04.05 Master in International Relations & Eurasian In-tegration

This degree offers a multidisciplinary analysis of contemporary global relations with a particular focus on Eurasian affairs and digitalization, including its impact on global leadership and significant political, social and economic trends.

Duration: 2 years

10 reasons to apply for International Relations & Eurasian Integration program.

1. Be at the forefront of the Eurasian integration and digital transformation.

Be involved in global affairs in the digital transformation age deeply.

2. Go for a career in international and Russian companies and governmental agencies.

A unique combination of leadership and analytical skills which you will gain on this course is sought after by a wide range of public and private employers.

3. Be the leader in the Eurasian integration.

Eurasia is truly diverse.  One can use its potential for integration.

4. IBS is a leading Russian business school.

IBS is the biggest Russian business school. IBS has been leading the list of the national ranking of the best business schools for 6 years in line.   

A wide network of 30,000 alumni with more than 30 years on the business-education market.

International Relations & Eurasian Integration programme is based on MBA and Executive MBA principles and logic.

5. Enjoy a rich variety of teaching staff with a range of experience and status.

Be a student of the best professors of the faculty in the Academy.  Leading experts of the World Bank, Eurasian Economic Commission, Ministry of Economic Development, business experts and coaches reflect various approaches to teaching.

6. Be involved in student activities of the Presidential Academy - the biggest university of Russia and Eastern Europe.

RANEPA is the biggest university of Russia and Eastern Europe and the biggest think-tank of the Russian government.

Join the global community of 200,000 students.

7. Gain global experience and networking opportunities within exchange modules of IBS RANEPA.

Students of International Relations & Eurasian Integration are able to choose from more than 30 leading partner universities throughout the globe to go for an exchange course.

8. Create your own global network and join the alumni society of IBS RANEPA.

More than 30,000 top managers, entrepreneurs and scholars from all over the world have already graduated from IBS. They stay with us through the global network of Alumni Association.

9. Culture of Moscow.

As a student of IBS, you will be based in Moscow, the capital of the biggest Eurasian country, which is the natural gateway between European and Asian cultures.

10. University scholarships.

8 scholarships from the Russian Federation are available for students of International Relations & Eurasian Integration degree.

      Also important

      The programme is based on 5 foundational tracks, and integration of competences provided by each track is perfectly suited for a leader in digital transformation and Eurasian integration. This is achieved precisely because Eurasian integration is driven by technologies, even though socioeconomic and sociocultural peculiarities across the continent differ.

      1. Leadership and personal development.
      2. International economic relations & markets in the digital age.
      3. International sociopolitical relations and digital state.
      4. Technologies and analytical models of international processes.
      5. Cultural codes & Eurasian diversity.

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