Master (post-experience). Management. Government and Municipal Management.

The Postgraduate Department delivers post-experience master programs. All these are conducted on a part-time basis. 

The teaching at the Russian master programs is delivered in Russian.



    IBS RANEPA offers master program "Master in General and Strategic Management". The programs’ graduates are multi-functional managers, able to work both in the areas of  municipal management and in business.

    Duration: 2 years 5 months

    The target group of the program includes directors and assistant directors, heads of functional departments, all managers and professionals, who are interested in  improving their management skills.


    • Professionalism
      Our graduates will know key management theories and understand how to apply them in business practice.
    • Communications
      Our graduates will be able to communicate in a professional manner for implementing management decisions.
    • Ethics and Social Responsibility
      Our graduates will take account of the principles of business ethics and economic, social and environmental sustainability while making management decisions. 
    • Creative and Analytical Thinking
      Our graduates will be able to use knowledge for generating and implementation of innovations.

    Government and Municipal Management

    IBS offers a  post-experience Master in Government and Municipal Management - specialization in “Innovation technologies for interaction with the government, business and society in State and Municipal Administration Management".

    Duration: 2 years 5 months

    The main goal of the program is to equip graduates with the modern approach to state and municipal management  through the use of innovative   technologies and business tools. The graduates are able to build relationships between the government,  business and civil society institutions. 

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