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Executive MBA Antwerp Management School

The program is delivered jointly with Antwerp Management School (Belgium). 

Antwerp Management School (AMS) is a top Belgian business school , a recognized leader in executive education & retraining. Antwerp Management School positions itself as a young business school with century-old traditions in business education. The school has over 150 year of experience in business education and close relationships with the Belgian and European business community.

The EMBA of Antwerp Management School aims to achieve “de-specialization” and to prepare “generalists”.

The program is designed for: heads of branches/divisions and executives of international companies, doing business in Russia, leaders and top-managers of Russian companies, actively operating in the European market, experienced managers, who want to take a major career step.


After successful completion of EMBA,  a participant will be able to

  • lead the process of development and implementation of corporate strategy;
  • efficiently realize her/his leadership potential in business administration;
  • organically combine shareholder wealth maximization concept with ethical norms, business sustainability and social responsibility.

For more information please visit   the program’s site Executive MBA,  Antwerp Management School.

*Learning goals and objectives for this program were developed  together with  University of  Antwerp Management School and the format  is slightly different from that accepted at IBS

  • Open lecture of Professor Don NightingaleDon Nightingale, Professor of Strategy at Queens University in Canada2016-09-16 01:18:53Open lecture of Professor Don Nightingale
    Open lecture of Professor Don Nightingale

    Don Nightingale, Professor of Strategy at Queens University in Canada

    About EMBA Antwerp Management SchoolPeter Rafferty, Director of Executive MBA of Antwerp Management School
    2016-09-16 01:18:53About EMBA Antwerp Management School
    About EMBA Antwerp Management School

    Peter Rafferty, Director of Executive MBA of Antwerp Management School

Executive MBA Antwerp Management School

Ranked 80th worldwide in the Financial Times ranking of Executive MBA programs in 2017. The only Global Executive MBA in Russia. The program features study modules in China, the USA and Belgium. Over 19 years of successful operation on the Russian business education market.

Duration: 21 months

  • International accreditations: AACSB International, AMBA.
  • An effective team of European, Russian, Chinese and American faculty. Experts from Harvard, Cranfield, INSEAD, and from leading companies of Europe and the USA.
  • A unique team of faculty, which comprises, in addition to professors from Antwerp Management School and IBS,   Russian and European consultants and practitioners. Equal participation of Russian professors in the teaching process.
  • More than 600 graduates of the program are hold key positions in international and Russian companies (GAZPROM, LUKOIL, RUSAL, COCA-COLA, Rosbank, Banque Société Générale Vostok (BSGV), FORD and many others).
  • Careful selection of participants.
  • Constant adaptation to the realities of modern business and   the use of participants’ own management experience.
  • The program is shorter than a standard MBA program and aims to achieve “de-specialization”, of a leader, help managers to outgrow the narrowly focused specialist’s mindset.
  • The Executive MBA of Antwerp Management School in Moscow has a considerable international component. Starting from 2015, EMBA study modules are organized for mixed groups of Russian and Belgian program participants in Moscow, Guangzhou, Boston and Antwerp.
  • An emphasis on team-work of program participants.
  • Final management project (master project)   involves a lot of team-work.
  • Convenient format of delivery: classes are conducted on weekends.

Also important

Eligibility criteria: higher education, at least 7 years of management experience, proficiency in the English language (Upper Intermediate).

The languages of instruction are   Russian and English.

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