Research laboratories

Over the past 6 years, IBS-Moscow teachers, collaborating in the laboratory, have published more than 400 scientific articles, 36 scientific monographs, more than 30 textbooks and teaching aids. Trained more than 40 of case stage for the educational process, 12 of which have been translated into English and published in international clearing house.

Over the years, the Laboratory conducted 26 major research projects as part of the State Assignment.

In 2018-2020, the laboratories carry out 12 research projects. They are performed by 14 leading scientific researchers, professors, as well as 6 undergraduate students of IBS-Moscow.

The mission of the research is to create a new practice-oriented knowledge that responds to the challenges facing Russian business. This knowledge arises from the close collaboration of researchers and practicing managers.


Learn more about our laboratories and research projects:

Laboratory of management technologies

IBS research center “The laboratory for management technologies” was created for efficient coordination of faculty research activities. As a classroom is the place where MBA students exchange ideas and practices, so the laboratory is a platform for the exchange of ideas and expertise between faculty members. 

Topics of research for 2018-2020:

  • Intercompany training and co-production of innovation in competitive intercompany alliances. Head: Doctor of Economics, prof. Lyasko Alexander Kimovich
  • Small and medium-sized Russian enterprises: features of the formation of the management system (organizational design). Head: Ph.D., associate professor Borisova Larisa Grigoryevna
  • Development and testing of a model of adaptive modules (disciplines) for people with disabilities and disabilities in the higher education system. Head: Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Kolesnikova Irina Vladimirovna
  • Fintech (financial technology) as the basis for strategic management of cost growth factors in order to increase the efficiency of Russian companies. Head: Ph.D., Associate Professor Gusev Andrey Alekseevich

    Laboratory of managerial neurosciences

    The research work of the Thalamus Lab takes place on the basis of the FinTech magistracy, opened by the Presidential Academy together with Sberbank in 2016. To date, research on risk profiling and a mass experiment with more than 350 participants have already taken place. The newest technologies in neurosciences are used to investigate topical problems concerning Russian business.

    Topics of research 2019-2020:

    • Neuroleadership and group dynamics: biology of leadership behavior 
    • Biology of corporate culture: biology of norms, values ​​and work ethics individual characteristics of the biology, personality and thinking of a working person
    • Neuroenterprise: biology of entrepreneurship        
    • Biology of decision-making in exchange trade and its impact on the dynamics of aggregate        

    Head: A.S. Didenko

    Laboratory for Economic and Management Studies

    The laboratory was created to stimulate and maintain the interest of teaching staff in conducting international-level research in English devoted to topics related to the main strategic directions of the Institute: sustainable development, entrepreneurship and business education. Three scientific projects are currently being implemented within the laboratory with the participation of foreign researchers.

    Topics of research for 2020:

    • Empirical investigation of Success Factors of Green crowdfunding
    • Business Borrowing and Budgeting: the culture of saving in the Russian small business community         
    • Cross-country analysis of antecedents to panic consumption        

    Head: D.V. Muravskii

    Consulting center

    While studying at IBS, the students acquire knowledge and practical skills of using efficient management technologies. IBS consulting center’s mission is to help   participants and graduates introduce the acquired management technologies at their place of work.

    The team of consultants mostly consists of IBS faculty members, who have   vast management consulting experience. They help participants to put to practical use the management tools, that they study in the classroom.   IBS consulting center also provides consulting services to companies in all industries and fields, prioritizing the companies of IBS alumni.

    Also important

    Consulting helps graduates introduce the latest management technologies into management practice. 
    Research results are incorporated into teaching and the latest scientific developments are conveyed to the students and program participants.

    Research allows our faculty to stay abreast of the latest developments in the global economic and management theory.

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