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Disruptive Projects Management in International Business

Disruptive Projects Management in International Business is a 4-year exchange bachelor program with the first 2 years of studies in the leading Russian business school IBS and the following 2 years - in the IBS’s French partner - NEOMA Business School. Russian students spend their first 2 years of the bachelor program in Russia, where they have a special emphasis on French and English languages and French cultural and economic environment, and then leave for Reims, France, where the teaching is delivered in English and French. French students first study in France and then come to Moscow for their third and fourth years of the program.

Upon successful completion of the program in both countries students obtain dual diploma: from both IBS RANEPA and NEOMA Business School.

NEOMA Business School in France provides students with a multicultural environment as NEOMA’s CESEM program, started in 1974, over the years has been successfully attracting students from 15 countries, such as Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, China, the USA. The teaching is delivered in English and French taking into account students’ language proficiency.

Duration: 4 years

In the modern world technological development has reached an unprecedented level, as a result some forms of interaction are getting obsolete while new ones are emerging. That leads to the shift of requirements to young graduates entering workforce. Versatility, flexible thinking and ability to adapt to different environments and apply oneself to various fields are now becoming the most relevant skills.

The main goal within a 4-year bachelor program is to instill certain paradigm of thinking and develop cross-functional skills rather than to teach particular tools and methods as they are turning out of date and brand-new technologies are arising at a higher pace. Therefore, the program is designed to prepare a future-proof professional valuing lifelong learning and personal development and at the same time having expertise on general management fields and ability to foresee the way business environment will develop.

  • 2-year tuition in France (Neoma Business School, Reims campus)
  • The program is delivered in cooperation with French partner companies
  • Dual state diploma upon successful completion of the program: from IBS RANEPA and NEOMA Business School
  • 6-month internship in a partner company in France
  • Opportunity to study in a multicultural environment along with students from 15 partner universities from all over the world
  • Unique international team of faculty members and business practitioners
  • Intense foreign languages training, proficiency in English and French
  • New approaches to education, project-based learning and case studies
  • Education in tune with modern business needs

Russian-French double degree program Disruptive Projects Management in International Business was created within a framework of Trianon dialogue initiative and French-Russian University, aimed at combining efforts and competencies of both countries in the field of education in order to develop joint programs that would promote the opportunities to reinforce and boost efficiency of the cooperation between Russian and French communities. IBS and NEOMA dual diploma program Disruptive Projects Management in International Business has become one of the first programs of this type in Russia.

The Cooperation Agreement between leading Russian and European business schools – IBS and NEOMA - was signed in January 2018 at the Gaidar Forum at RANEPA.

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    The CESEM program of NEOMA Business School

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Also important

A new approach to traditional basic courses is also worth mentioning. The very essence of it lies in providing a coherent sequence of interrelated practice-oriented disciplines. For example, such courses as Maths and IT will be taught in conjunction with the aim to show its practical application in business. And the major highlight for certain will be made on language learning as the students are required to master two languages within the first two years of the program: there will be 10 academic hours of French per week and 6 hours of English.


NEOMA Business School

NEOMA Business School
50th in Business Schools Rankings by Financial Times in 2017.

Unique program

Unique program
Full-time double degree exchange program: 2 years in IBS RANEPA (Moscow, Russia) and 2 years in NEOMA Business School (Reims, France).

CESEM Program

CESEM Program

Bachelor in International Business Management

5th in 2016 “l’Etudiant” Magazine Rankings for Bachelor Programs

15 partner universities all over the world

Over 8000 alumni in 60 countries


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