Bachelor programs of the Department of International Relations

The programs aim at preparing students for a career in many fields of international relations, including international politics, economics and business. Our graduates   are capable to effectively communicate with partners from Western and Eastern countries,    achieve success in the fast changing global environment.

IBS Bachelor program graduates are well equipped for starting a successful career also due to the following features of the programs:

  • Interdisciplinary approach and practice-oriented curriculum 
  • Our graduates are proficient in the English or Chinese language ) and have a sound knowledge of a second foreign language (German, French, Italian, Spanish or English for those whose first foreign language is Chinese).
  • The opportunity to be awarded a bachelor degree from a foreign Partner University within the Double-Degree program.


  • Professionalism
    Our graduates will know key theories in the area of international relations, global politics and business.
  • Communications
    Our graduates will have teamwork skills and will be able to communicate effectively in an international environment.
  • Ethics and Social Responsibility
    Our graduates will understand the importance of ethical behavior in their chosen profession.
  • Creative and Analytical Thinking
    Our graduates will have the ability for critical evaluation, analysis and synthesis.

Bachelor programs

Bachelor in Foreign Regional Studies (specialization “East Asia Regional Studies: Economy and Politics (China)”

The program’s goal is to prepare highly qualified professionals, ready for work in the area of political and business relations with countries of the East.


Duration: 4 years

Majors and Minors

The major-minor system was recently introduced in response to new labor market requirements.

Our students, majoring in Management, can now earn a minor in International Relations.

Bachelor in International Relations (specialization “International Relations: Business, Economics, Politics”)

The program combine the classical fundamental education in the field of international relations with practice-oriented education in political science, business and law.

Duration: 4 years

Also important

IBS students, proficient in the English language, can participate in the Double Degree program, where they can spend 1 or 2 years in a partner university of IBS in France or Spain. IBS students also have the opportunity to study abroad as exchange students in IBS partner universities in Slovakia, Lithuania, Germany, France, Belgium, the UK, Finland and Pakistan.

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