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We recruit the best available faculty to ensure high quality in our programs. Our faculty team is comprised of 155 professors in management and other business disciplines and the most in-demand management consultants and highly-qualified practitioners that ensure relevance. Our unique faculty team is our main competitive advantage.

The IBS faculty body is a diverse group in terms of age, gender, academic degrees and international background. Our faculty come from different regions and many former CIS countries, including Armenia, Kazakhstan, the Ukraine, the Baltic states, Georgia and others. Many visiting professors from Europe, Asia and the USA also contribute to diversity

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Our RESEARCH MISSION is the creation of practice-oriented knowledge, derived from close collaboration between expert researchers and practicing managers , that addresses contemporary organizational and management challenges faced by businesses in emerging economies in general and Russia in particular.

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Most recent research projects

1. Effective management of corporate culture in Russia and other BRICS countries, based on the Hofstede-Minkov model;
2. Prerequisites for success of organizations and regions in the knowledge economy;
3. Allocation and protection of property rights for innovations in strategic inter-firm alliances;
4. Management of human resources value in public corporations through business education in a global context;
5. Joint production of knowledge in strategic inter-firm alliances;
6. Investment mechanisms in housing and utility infrastructure modernization;
7. Strategic management of value growth factors for increasing innovative enterprises efficiency;
8. Inter-firm training and joint production of innovations in competitive inter-firm alliances;
9. Small and medium-sized Russian enterprises: organizational design;
10. Development and testing of adaptive modules for people with health limitations and disabilities in the system of higher education;
11. Financial technologies as a basis for strategic management of value factors for increased efficiency of Russian companies.