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Societal impact

At IBS societal impact is embedded in our mission, supported by our strategy and achieved through a variety of activities.

Our main impact on business and society is our alumni. We prepare them to create a significant sustainable impact on the communities and business. We do this by instilling a mindset that goes beyond making a profit and by teaching them that business is not simply about making money for yourself and your shareholders.

We are committed to building learning environments that reflect values of inclusivity, relevance, and the importance of lifelong learning. Our programs are in the top five of the FT EMBA rankings in terms of gender equality criterion, measured by the share of women in management and faculty corps.

In our interactions with the external academic and business environment we strive to promote the ESG concept through discussions at public events, national and international conferences.

To facilitate the exposure of national Russian-speaking audiences to the latest trends in this area we translate into Russian and disseminate the most recent and relevant international publications on ESG, RME and SDG.