The event was organized in an online format.

Particpants came from member Universities of CIU (Consortium of Innovative Universities) - the University of Brazil (Brazil), Milpark Business School (Johanesburg, South Africa), Pecs University (Pecs, Hungary), Woxsen University (Hyderabad, India), Mahindra University (Hyderabad, India) and IBS RANEPA (Moscow, Russia).

The championship was conducted by Daniil Muravsky, author of the presented case, Senior Lecturer of Marketing, School of Business and Creative Industries, University of the West of Scotland, UK.

The case solutions and presentations of 4 teams, each consisting of 4-6 students, were evaluated by a panel of judges: Anna Dragina, IBS alumus, Global Sustainability Manager, Vichy DMI, L'ORÉAL, Paris, Sapptarishi Ghosh, Associate Professor of the Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Woxsen University and Konstantin Kuzov, Head of Digital Marketing and Lecturer at IBS-RANEPA.

We congratulate the winner of the competition, TEAM 4:

  • Adegoke Adekunle Adebayo, University of Pecs (Hungary, Pecs)
  • Alexandr Bedokurov, RANEPA (Russia, Moscow)
  • Bősz Lilien Bíborka, University of Pecs (Hungary, Pecs)
  • Draha Syeda Abrar Toaha University of Pecs (Hungary, Pecs)

Pavana Kiranmai Chepuri, Head Of Learner-Centered Innovation, Woxsen University shared her impressions:

I had the privilege of being part of the organizing committee in the recent CIU Competition, and I must express my profound appreciation for the exceptional organization by IBS RANEPA and the overall quality of the event. The entire experience was nothing short of outstanding.

First and foremost, the organization of the competition was meticulous and well-coordinated. Everyone demonstrated a high level of professionalism and efficiency in orchestrating the various aspects of the competition, from registration to the final award ceremony. The smooth registration process and clear communication leading up to the event were commendable and contributed to a stress-free and enjoyable start to the competition.

The judging panel was composed of experts in the field, and their evaluations were thorough, fair, and constructive. The feedback provided was insightful and will undoubtedly help participants improve their skills and knowledge in the future. The transparency and clarity in the judging criteria were appreciated, providing a clear understanding of what was expected and how performances were being assessed.

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